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What You Need to Know About Part Three of the Series Called the Fantasy Life

The series called the fantasy life is made up of various installments.However, this article will focus on the third part.The characters who are used in this series are not real but the events in the series are real.They are stories about people who have started from very humble beginnings and then risen to the highest point of entrepreneurial success. In the third part or the third installment of this series, it details the life of a character who is known as Gabe.

The early history of Gabe records of a person who did not bother much about life. Finishing high school was a very hard task for Gabe. Having to speak to guidance counsellors, teachers as well as the administration is what his mother had to do in a bid to ensure that her son graduates from high school. It is worth noting that at that time in Gabe’s life, he did not attach a lot of worth to schooling. Gabe was pleased by the mother to join college after the completion of his high school education and when he joined college eventually, he gave up on college education by the first semester. It is worth noting that the next phase of Gabe’s life after quitting college education was being employed as a dish washer at a local restaurant.Gabe was loved a lot by his mother. All the bills that Gabe incurred together with those of his girlfriend were incurred by the mother.

After being employed as a dish washer, Gabe went on to become a cook though he did not love the job. Though Gabe loathed his job as a cook, he continued working since no one else could hire him as he possessed no education as well as experience.

It is important to note that Gabe had two other older siblings all who were sisters and they too babied him. For the celebration of the mothers fiftieth birthday, Gabe together with her two sisters all came to town and met and that was a very rare thing. It is at the mothers favorite restaurant that the birthday party was held.After taking several drinks, Gabe’s girlfriend asked the question of why the family was so successful yet Gabe was very lazy. From that point onwards after the embarrassment that he got as a result of the girlfriends question, Gabe decided to start shaping his own life path.

One of the steps that Gabe took is that he started reporting to his work station early and he also began having extra work shifts. Gabe employed himself finally after he had made enough savings. To everyone’s surprise, it was Gabe who bore all the expenses that were incurred during the mothers next birthday. The success of Gabe was due to the fact that he had started doing affiliate marketing which had developed as a result of his love for gaming.