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Advantages Of Education

Schooling is the process by which an individual is able to receive and gain instructions and it usually entails a number of activities such as discussion, teaching and even coaching. In this talk we are going to analyze the importance of education. One of the advantages is that it is able to increase the growth the economy which is due to having an increased number of educated people which translates to more jobs. There is the importance of reducing underdevelopment as the more the educated people they are able to come up with ways of tackling poverty at whatever level. The training of an individual is able to increase the way someone is able to reason as they have fresh ideas of tackling things.

Furthermore there is a heightened level of income as once you have a higher level of education it is able to translate to one demanding a higher pay due to the qualifications that one is possessing. There is the highlight of reducing maternal health as an educated mother is aware that she is carrying a life and is able to attend the clinics and take in the supplements as required by the health practitioners.

There is the highlight of having a reduction I the rates at which small girls get married simply because they are going to school. Through getting formal education there is heightened gender awareness as all children are considered equal and compete for the same academic grades.

There is the highlight of there being little or no crimes as more people are aware of the consequences of engaging in crime and each individual strives to work hard. There is the importance of those who have received education knowing what are the practices that they should follow for them to have a safe environment and if they engage in farming they know the best practices that will not degrade the environment. The advantage of there being a significant reduction in the number of gender based violence s someone knows that it is not right to hurt the other as there are more amicable ways of solving dispute. There is the importance of developing social skills as you attend a school it consists of people from different backgrounds. In the finality we have been able to look at the many benefits of getting education and it is crucial to pursue it.

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